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Schedule Your Facebook Posts | Advice for Page Managers

Schedule Your Facebook Posts | Advice for Page Managers

If you are the manager or Content Creator of a Facebook page you may have wondered if there was a way to delay or schedule your posts to appear at a more opportune time. If you co-manage the page with other content creators you don’t want to accidentally post right on top of each other either. This irritates people when they see multiple posts from your brand one right after another. The solution is to space them out by scheduling them.

There are already several third party tools that enable you to schedule your Facebook posts but Facebook has now enable a feature that will allow you to do so for Free from within their platform.

The video below gives you a quick overview of how to do this. See the Video Notes Below:

Video Notes:

  • Sample link to your Activity feed:
  • More info regarding scheduling From Facebook:

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  • Bree Wakefield

    Thank you for posting. I don’t have anyone else managing my page with me, however I struggle with remembering to post periodically. This was extremely helpful and I’ll definitely be checking out the service they offer.