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#IdeaShout: Giving “props” for your customers great ideas

#IdeaShout: Giving “props” for your customers great ideas

Want a simple FREE way to increase customer engagement with your brand, strengthen your customer loyalty and get a bunch of FREE Research and Development ideas all at the same time? Read on…

It’s a A new spin on Crowd Sourcing, I just thought of while making a recommendation to one of my friends at Freshbooks. As the title of this posts suggest the answer is quite simple. Publicly “Shout Out” or give “Props” ( Thank) your clients for ideas and upgrades they make to your companies products or services on their desired social network of choice.  It can also  be used to make a public suggestion to a company to improve their product or services. (Live Example Below)

How do I do this?

  • On Facebook by Tagging them in a photo, or status update using the hashtag #IdeaShout
  • On Twitter you can Tweet an #IdeaShout @ them as well!

Here is a live Twitter Example:

Here is a live Facebook Example:

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  • Jason Weinstein

    #IdeaShout @SuperiorImpact for the great reverse #Crowdsourcing / Customer Loyalty idea!