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“Lawrence is a consummate professional in our field. Aside from his wealth of hands on experience he has an intuitive grasp of important trends that will potentially be very impactful for the internet marketing realm, as well as the know how to stay ahead of the curve to deliver the most cutting edge technologically driven results for his company’s clients. It is a pleasure doing business with him.”
Jeanine Vecchiarelli

You’ve done a great job. You really know your stuff. Thank you for your gracious, comprehensive assessment of our business. I wouldn’t take acceptation to anything you’ve said. We are really appreciative for what you’ve brought to us. This is something we really need to make a priority.
Bob Artemenko

Thanks again, Lawrence for your invaluable help in getting our website and technology up to the next level. Really appreciate your expertise and willingness to share it with us.
Duane Kellogg

Superior Impact’s knowledge and expertise in the online world is second to none. Even with a somewhat decent size company, Superior Impact was able to simplify our needs and implement key things to help us understand our business better online. Superior Impact over delivers and I would recommend them to anyone.
David Grandy
Director of Internet Marketing / Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts

Superior Impact…has provided my business with great support in the areas of website engineering, site optimization, search engine analysis. Their work has been a major factor in our website’s success.
Vincent A. Castiello CKD

Superior Impact has been a part of my business for the last five years. Lawrence Stone has helped me with my website and social media and has always taken as much time as I needed, to help me understand, how important it is to been seen by the search engines; and helping me to be in their sight. Now he has branched out and developed on a larger scale what he has been doing with me these passed five years. He is a Digital Consulting Service helping people like myself who don’t have the knowledge or know how to work the social media through the web site, linkedin, twitter, or facebook. This is a most valuable addition to his services that he is offering. Now I will get that support that I have been needing. Thank you Superior Impact!
Lorraine Perrilo

Superior Impact’s Digital Media Audit really helped me get a grasp of my business’s online profile…which can be very confusing! I realized there was a lot of incorrect information on my company out there, and I am currently correcting it with the help of Lawrence. He is able to speak my language when it comes to understanding these online “mirrors” of my company. I highly recommend Lawrence in helping you through the maze of the the Internet.
CEO / 1800fix

Superior Impact has been a big help in educating me on the importance of my digital presence and growing my brand online. I run a Christian radio show and being able to garner a following is critical to my success, so having Lawrence giving me insight as to how the internet works and how to leverage social media is a big part of succeeding at my goal. They’ve worked with a number of different businesses and service-providers throughout the time I’ve known them, so they know what their talking about when it comes to what works and doesn’t work online.
Robert Rennie
Radio Talk Show Host / Eternal Planner

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